Spotify launches gaming playlist

Spotify Gamers channel is here and players can access music and original soundtracks geared towards their games.

Today, music streaming service Spotify has released Spotify Gamers. The channel features curated lists and original video game music to choose from as well. Playlists consists of various music to go hand in hand with any gaming session. 

Spotify was originally launched in 2008 and today has become a regularly used service. Active members are estimated to be in the millions and more for registered users. It has grown to be a provider of any type of genre of music for the public.

Now a dedicated video game music channel is available for everyone. Some curated lists to choose from include retro gaming, indie gaming, and epic gaming inspired. These lists feature music from established artists to fit the mood of the respective genre. The original game soundtracks available include recent titles such as No Man's Sky and other titles such as Halo 5.

Music fans and fans of video game music can enjoy the channel now.


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Published Aug. 12th 2016

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