Korean soldiers play Hearthstone during service by using paper

When a PC isn't near by, whip out the good old pen and paper

In Korea, there is a mandatory military service of a period of 2 years for men aged between 18 and 35. One of the soldiers there wanted to play Hearthstone during his free time, but it wasn't allowed. So this soldier devised a different approach to play the game - doing it the old fashion way with cards. Well, not cards exactly, with loads of paper.

This soldier, along with the help of two other men, started drawing out all the cards needed to play a game of Hearthstone. These men only had one hour a day to work on this project, between 10 and 11PM. Below is an example of some of the cards they drew. 

The soldiers use dice to deal with the random effects of the cards. They also changed the mana cost for Leeroy Jenkins "because he got nerfed". By the end of it, these men were able to play an actual game of Hearthstone.

This is quite impressive to see, as there are hundreds of cards in the game. These soldiers were quite determined to play a game of Hearthstone, and after the work they put into it, I think they deserve to play a few games 


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Published Oct. 22nd 2015

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