Street Fighter V features new Middle-Eastern character Rashid

Rashid is a Middle-Eastern character with the ability to control the wind.

Capcom has released the newest Street Fighter V character, a Middle-Eastern fighter called Rashid. He is able to harness the power of the wind.

The character released during the Games15 video game show with Yoshinori Ono, the producer of Street Fighter, there to help the announcement.

YouTube user Loves Smash took footage of Rashid in action during the event. He performs various aerial based movements such as drop kicks. He even produces a tornado at one point:

Rashid is the first Middle-Eastern character to appear in the main games; Pullum Purna was the first ever Middle-Eastern character appearing in Street Fighter EX.

Rashid is joining the cast as a brand new character with Necali, who was announced in July. Rainbow Mika, who was recently announced at PAX Prime in August, was the latest character added to Street Fighter V.

An official trailer for the character should be up soon.

Street Fighter V, in development by Capcom, is the latest game in the Street Fighter series and set to release in 2016. It is in development for PlayStation 4 and PC.


Published Sep. 11th 2015
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