Lifeless comes out on steam June 16th

Lifeless is a new zombie survival game coming out in early access on steam June 16th. The game will feature two factions that players will have to choose from.

Lifeless, a new zombie survival game, is coming out on June 16. It will be released in early access on steam. The game takes place in Stillwater Bay, a fictional town in Maine. The year is 2021, and 10 years have passed since an outbreak infected the population.

Lifeless brings a new element to the zombie game with the addition of factions. There are two factions in the game that the player will have to choose between. Not only will players have to worry about the infected humans, but also the opposite faction.

The two factions are the civilian Nova Guard and the crazed Spartan Phalanx. You will need to choose a side and cooperate with other players.

Of course, there are survival aspects of the game, and you will need to find supplies, equipment, food, and fight to stay alive.

Lifeless is a massively multiplayer survival game that offers an open world, storytelling, and brutal combat. But, remember it is in Early Access, so the game is still in active development. You can keep up to date with Lifeless on Steam and Twitter.


Published Jun. 15th 2016

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