Beware: Spoilers for Metal Gear Solid V may be lurking soon

Reviewer Greg Miller states that he will stream Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain one week before it is released!

Today, YouTuber and game reviewer Greg Miller tweeted that he will be showing his two weeks of Let's Plays and his review of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. This is alarming news for Metal Gear fans all around due to the fact that he could potentially divulge many plot details.

Is nothing sacred? Well, it's the internet.

Metal Gear is praised by its fans not only for some of the best stealth gameplay ever seen, but also the characters and story that they have grown so attached to. People have been waiting for this game since the first trailer for The Phantom Pain was teased. This story is important to them, and learning plot details, however minor, can ruin the experience for some of these fans.

Some have even gone so far that they have refused to watch any trailers for it since the original E3 trailer that aired in 2013 so that they will have a completely fresh experience.

Konami is not in the wrong for lifting the review embargo before the release of this game, however. Players would surely be in for a rough surprise if they waited for the game to come out only to find out that the game is poorly optimised and runs at a choppy frame rate. That being said, many fans believe that reviewers should be forbidden from sharing any plot details, let alone broadcasting it over Twitch or YouTube. The Phantom Pain releases September 1st. Let us hope that we and our fellow gamers remain spoiler free until then.


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Published Aug. 19th 2015

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