Hogwarts Legacy: How to Flip a Troll's Club Into Its Face

Dueling Feats in Hogwarts Legacy are easy ways to gain extra XP quickly. Here's how to hit a troll in its face with its club.

From the first time you visit Hogsmeade in Hogwarts Legacy, you'll be facing down trolls. Big, angry, and hard-hitting, these enemies can be tough to take down. And you may have to flip a Troll's club into its face.

Thanks to some dueling feats, such as hitting a Troll in the face with its own club, you can render it stunned. Here's how to achieve the dueling feat in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Hit a Troll in the Face with Its Club

As with other Dueling Feats, it's important to get the timing if you want to hit a Troll in the face with its club. Watch for when the troll uses its club to try and smash you like a pancake.

Dodge out of the way, and when the club is still on the ground, use Flipendo to have the club spring upward into the Troll's face.

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There are two attack types the Troll does where it ends up smashing the club into the ground if you successfully dodge.

  • The first attack sees it run after you and prepare a single, mighty downward swing. This usually occurs if you're too far from the Troll and have been blocking its rock throws.
  • The second attack is a three-step strike, with the Torll first swinging the club twice before smashing it down. This is harder to dodge then cast Flipendo right after, but it can be done. 

Once you get the timing of the various attacks down, you'll be able to flip a troll's club into its face consistently. When the club hits the troll, it will get stunned for a short period. This is when you can unleash a torrent of damage to take it out. For other dueling feat how-to's, treasure map guides, builds, and tips, check out our guides page for the wizarding game


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Published Feb. 28th 2023

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