Mobile Game Grosses $2 Million Daily; Makes Me Feel Like An Underachiever

GungHo Online's mobile puzzler "Puzzle and Dragons" rakes in an estimated $2 million daily, boosting the firm's worth above that of Zynga.

The mobile market is booming. You just can't beat the ubiquitous devices or the low cost of titles. As with any model that's proven as successful, a lot of pro and amateur devs are rushing in, looking for a bit of fame and fortune a la Rovio's Angry Birds. In such a competitive market, you're bombarded by shoddy apps or lots of the same freaking game, just with different titles. So it's pretty remarkable when one single mobile game is raking in an average of $2 million every single day, according to recent financial reports.

Tons of games have a hard enough time breaking even with development costs and end up taking a loss, while GungHo Online's Puzzle and Dragons is kicking massive ass to the tune of over 8 million downloads

The puzzler is barely a year old, but is already pushing the Japanese firm past the net worth of Zynga -- a company that, even with its evident decline, is still worth a pretty penny (or, like, billions of pretty pennies). Financial docs show that GungHo saw a boost of 1022.4 percent year-over-year, and hit 91.4 billion bucks in sales. You ever made an improvement of 1000 percent? Didn't think so. Slacker.

GungHo is no stranger to success. Their biggest claim to fame has thus far been the MMORPG Ragnarok Online.

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Published Feb. 19th 2013

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