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I'm sure many of you are aware by now of the growing ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. You see videos posted all over social media promoting awareness of ALS or Lou Gherig’s Disease all in good fun. The challenge is: People make a video of themselves dumping a bucket of ice water on their heads, post it on social media sites and then challenge friends to do the same within 24 hours and/or donate $100 to ALS. Many do both like all of us in these videos you're about to see.

I was challenged by a reader on Twitter on behalf of the Video Game Industry that I met through Ubisoft Support. What transpired from my challenge and my nominees, has shown nothing but tremendous support from the gaming community. This is our way of showing everyone that yes - the gaming community cares about raising awareness for a worthy cause.

Can we say, not just #icebucketchallenge, but #icebucketgamers?

The Ubisoft Support team was nominated by me (muahahaha) and in fun nominated Zack Cooper (Ubisoft Toronto), Justin Kruger (Ubisoft), the Frag Dolls, and Daniel Nixon (Ubisoft, RedLynxGamer, TrialGames).

Awe poor Zack Cooper from Ubisoft Toronto. I did apologize to Zack for this one, I felt so bad. We did agree that the water tower would've been awesome, since he had so many ideas. This Champion, that he is, nominated Community Developers Gabe Graziani, Nik Schmidt, and Xbox Canada's Raj Patel.


Daniel Nixon in turn nominated creative director Antti Ilvessuo of RedLynx, Jack Pattillo of Achievement Hunter and Eric Neustadter (e) of Xbox Live.

What can I say about Antti Ilvessuo of RedLynx? This ice challenge or ice bath is interesting to say the least. I love the effects and the rubber duckies. You must watch to see what I mean. Antti nominated Yves Guillemot the CEO of Ubisoft, Sam Lake of Remedy Entertainment, and Geoff Keighley, well-known video game journalist and presenter.


Markus "Notch" Persson provides us a silent challenge, unrelated to the others but did get others in the gaming community involved as well. He nominated Phil Spencer of Xbox, Bobby Kotick of Activision, and Cliff Bleszinski.

Phil Spencer accepted Notch's challenge and in turn nominated Gabe Newell of Valve, Shuhei Yoshida of Sony, and Reggie Fils-Aime of Nintendo. Major Nelson got the chance to dump that bucket--too lucky man!


Artix Entertainment was nominated by many and in great show of support, challenged Blizzard Entertainment, Rockstar Games and Zynga!

Hot Pepper Gaming, who was nominated by Sunder Gamer, takes the California drought into consideration and takes a spicy challenge. They nominated Amy Dallen of Geek and Sundry, Stephan Frost of WildStar, and Andrew W.K.


Stephan Frost of WildStar chose to donate to ALS but Tony Rey decided otherwise. He nominated Mike Zadorojny of ArenaNet, Greg Street of Riot Games, and Dave Kosak of Blizzard Entertainment.

"That Bucket Came From the Moon!" That's right folks you heard right. Bungie has delivered a stellar Ice bucket Challenge from the MOON! Ghost from the upcoming Destiny has answered by challenging "Jonathan Irons" from Call Of Duty: Advance Warfare, "Joel" from The Last Of Us, and George Lucas himself.

In addition, Bungie has promised 20% of all proceeds from the Bungie Store ( to the ALS Association until September 9th.

How's that for caring?

The Completionist took the drought in California into consideration with his challenge. He in turn nominated James Rolfe of AVGN, Matt Patrick of The Game Theorists, and The Warp Zone.

PlayStation San Mateo HQ took the ice bucket challenge and nominated Bobby Kotick of Activision, Tony Bartel of GameStop, and Jim Ryan of PlayStation Europe.

Devin Super Tramp who is known for some amazing Assassin's Creed parkour videos, took his own unique ice bucket challenge. He nominated Shay Carl, Logan Paul and Dude Perfect.

5 Second Films takes the California drought into serious consideration in this cinematic event of a lifetime. They nominated Tom Watson because there isn't a drought in England.

Mega64 was nominated by Game Grumps and Screw Attack. In turn they nominated-- get ready--Edward Snowden, Oprah Winfrey, Viggo Mortensen, Paul McCartney, Kevin Spacey, and Casey Anthony. Their video is quite unique I must say. They did put a plea out on Twitter requesting assistance for contact information for both Edward Snowden and Casey Anthony.

They aren't the only interesting videos out there I assure you.

Kermit the Frog is the first to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge naked and he proudly announces that fact in his video. He names a few celebrities who are also co-stars in The Muppets latest film as nominees but he isn't the first "of his kind" to be challenged. Cookie Monster was challenged by Rachael Ray, though he preferred a cookie challenge.

For more information about Lou Gherig’s Disease and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, go to and discover how you can be a real-life hero.

Let's #StrikeOutALS with the #IceBucketChallenge as #IceBucketGamers!

Published Aug. 21st 2014

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