Planet Licker: The Game You Can Play with your Tongue

This year, virtual reality was the hottest topic, but some players got a taste of something different.

GDC 2016 showcased some of the most impressive development centered around virtual reality. We got to see players scale treacherous mountains, create smoothies, and fire up their very own lightsaber. But a group of developers stood out from the rest of the pack by creating a game that utilized one of our other senses — taste. 

Introducing, Planet Licker, the game made to be played with your tongue.

In Planet Licker, players are handed a custom-made controller with three different ice sculptures. Each sculpture has it's own distinct flavor and each lick is its own digital input. Licking these buttons sends an in-game monster flying towards a planet of the same color. The goal of the game is to consume as many planets as you can within a set time limit. As a player races against time to devour as many planets as they can, they will also have to avoid obstacles like space mines in order to win.

As of now, the game is just a prototype. But it's certainly something very interesting and exciting. I can see some developers taking advantage of this idea and finding their own niche in the gaming community.

Imagine the potential of a Master Chef Taste Test simulator. Now that's a game worth buying.

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Published Mar. 19th 2016

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