Final Fantasy XV Demo Available Now

The Final Fantasy Platinum Demo is available now.

Final Fantasy fanatics don’t have to wait until September to play the long-awaited Final Fantasy XV -- there’s demo waiting to be downloaded in the Xbox and PlayStation stores right now. 

FFXV’s "Platinum Demo allows" you to explore the dream-like world of Noctis along with the magical guide, Carbuncle. We get to help Noctis master skills and experience his childhood. Although this lore won’t be available in the actual game, players who complete this demo will have exclusive access to Carbuncle when the game launches.

Square Enix did use a favor this round of FFXV, because as soon as they announced a demo for their RPG it was immediately made available. This wasn't the case for the first demo to FFXV, which was only available if you bought the upgraded console port of the PSP  Final Fantasy Type 0.

FFXV will be coming September 30th, but the demo is available today at PlayStation Store & Xbox Store.

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Published Mar. 31st 2016

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