EVO Did Not Appreciate Xbox One No Matter How Good Killer Instinct Looked

Double Helix decided to demo and talk about Killer Instinct at EVO this year, but as soon as Xbox One was mentioned, they received a chorus of booing from the audience. Musical.

By now it is not a surprise to hear a gamer talk about disliking the Xbox One.  Even with the changes made to the console's DRM policies it still left a bad taste in the mouths of many gamers that will not just go away with a bit of backpedaling.  Perhaps no where has this dislike for the console been shown more clearly than it was at EVO this year, where Double Helix was booed on stage while talking about the new Killer Instinct when they mentioned Xbox One.

EVO (the Evolution Championship Series) is a huge event.  It is generally acknowledged as the largest (or at least most important) event for fighting game enthusiasts and competitors in the world, and is one of the few events a person can genuinely feel justified in calling themselves the best for having won.

When Double Helix and Mad Catz spoke, the crowd was generally positive, right up until they reminded the gamers who make up EVO's attendance that Killer Instinct is an Xbox One exclusive.  The reaction was immediate, with booing rising from the crowd sufficient to actually silence the speakers from Mad Catz and Double Helix into nervous laughter.

So what?  It's just one event, right?

EVO is a big deal.  Hundreds of people spend thousands of dollars just to attend, nevermind the actual professional gamers who go to compete.  Gamers train all year long for the opportunity to compete at EVO, while enthusiasts treat it with a similar reverence to how America views the NFL Superbowl.  It brings together the entire fighting game community, not a small number of people, for one massive celebration of who they are and what they love.

The people at EVO are gamers.  Not the gamer who calls themself a nerd for playing Call of Duty, not the gamer who got their start with Angry Birds, not the gamer who has not been paying attention to the upcoming next-gen console war.  These are the gamers who go out and spend $100-$400 on a single controller.  These are the gamers who regularly spend entire days traveling to compete, or even just to watch their closest local tournaments.

Look at that hype!

These gamers are the fans, the ones who get genuinely excited about new games and consoles.  These gamers are the ones who pre-order games solely for the random DLC costumes they can get with them, or who will pay upwards of $100 for them later.  They, we, matter.

No, having EVO hate your upcoming console will not instantly sink it.  It is, ultimately, just one subset of the overall gaming world and fanbase.  It is, however, a significant one both in terms of monetary potential and in terms of publicity.  It means a lot of lost money to have these gamers dislike a console enough to actively boo it in public.  These are very vocal people, as anyone who has watched an EVO stream can attest.

And as Double Helix and Mad Catz found out, much to their own embarrassment.

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Published Jul. 17th 2013
  • Michael VA
    Evo is sponsored by Sony Playstation! It was Sony fans booing at the announcement that it was XboxOne exclusive. This opinion peace is clearly from a Sony fan. I say that to say; it was disrespectful and immature of the group doing the boos. Everyone there should be a fan of games period first. The fighting community needs good press showing that they have a little class.
  • Wokendreamer
    Featured Columnist
    EVO isn't exactly just Sony fanboys. Some of the games (Street Fighter, for example) were even played on Xbox 360s.

    One company sponsoring an event doesn't mean the people there are all fanboys, or even that a majority of them are. They were fighting game fans, and every fighting game enthusiast I've ever met has been more concerned with the games than the consoles playing them.
  • Tony Monster
    not everyone there is a fan boy, the entire community there, is a fan boy of fighting games, Period. the fact that they boo'ed was due to killer instinct being restricted to a single console, one might i add that the majority didn't like but needless to say you can't generalize the WHOLE community there as fan boys to a single thing, I attended this event and might i add that there were a HUGE amount of fans for the xbox one, you weren't there.

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