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Princes of Darkness

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Of all the total conversion mods for Crusader Kings 3, Princes of Darkness is perhaps the most realized and game-changing of all. It takes the massive world of CK3 and fits it into the framework of the equally massive World of Darkness, which, of course, encompasses games like Vampire: The Masquerade.

Here, you're running around Europe as a literal creature of Hell.

Princes of Darkness comes from the "Dark Pack," an officially sanctioned fan-creation branch of the World of Darkness universe. That means there's a ton of detail and official jargon in this mod. If you're a geek for both CK3 and WoD, you've probably got this one already. If you aren't overly familiar with Vampire or the other associated properties, you'll still find a ton to enjoy here.

The lore and new gameplay mechanics brought to Crusader Kings 3 through this mod do a great job of introducing you to what's happening, and interacting with (or playing as) vampiric characters adds a ton of fun new wrinkles to the CK3 formula.

That's our list of best Crusader Kings 3 mods. As the community grows larger and more players jump into the world of CK3, there are sure to be more mods. We'll keep this list updated as more become available! 

Published Oct. 6th 2020

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