Pumpkin Jack Springs to Life on PlayStation 4 Soon

Pumpkin Jack is bringing its spooky blend of classic platforming goodness to PlayStation 4 later in February.

Halloween might be long gone, but Headup Games is keeping the spirit alive and bringing Pumpkin Jack to PlayStation 4 on February 24.

A throwback to platformers of years past, Pumpkin Jack sees the gourd-headed menace fulfill a contract from the devil himself and get into all manner of trouble in the process.

The world of Arc-en-Ciel offers puzzles aplenty, not to mention dastardly foes, precarious minecart rides, and one very snarky crow, among other friends and obstacles Jack will encounter on his journey.

From physics-based puzzles to bosses with glowing weak points, Pumpkin Jack is an ode to classic gameplay design, but that's on purpose.

Creator Nicolas Meyssonnier calls Pumpkin Jack the love child of MediEvil and Jak & Daxter, and it's a comparison that works. Despite the clear design inspirations — or perhaps because of it — we called Pumpkin Jack a spooktacular and dazzling adventure for old and young alike in ouPumpkin Jack review.


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Published Feb. 10th 2021

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