Nintendo to Air Players' in-Game Mario Kart Footage on UK TV

Race your way onto TV with Nintendo's Mario Kart 8 promotion in the UK

Nintendo has partnered with Channel 4 for the deal that aims to promote the launch of Mario Kart 8 next month, with the ad spots featuring in-game footage appearing each night during the first week of June.

Players will be able to use the ‘Mario Kart TV’ feature, which allows the recording of gameplay, to upload race highlights direct to MiiVerse and YouTube to enter the competition.

Roger Langford, Mario brand manager at Nintendo UK, said the company had chosen to partner with E4 because it was the "perfect vehicle for highlighting this feature to a young and engaged audience."

The ads with the in-game footage will also include the player’s name and each ad will be broadcast at 8:10 pm.

 Nintendo will raise awareness of the promotion/competition with ad spots on E4 running from today until Sunday 1 June. With only a week today untill release this is sure to catch the eyes of some of the many Mario Kart fans in the UK.

Will you be trying to grab your 15 minuets of fame--well, probably more like 15 seconds, but all the same I think this is a smart move on Nintendo's part. There's not much in the way of advertizing WiiU in the UK, so this could just be the boost WiiU and Nintendo needs.


Published May. 23rd 2014

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