New Trailer For Eville Reveals Details On Vendors And Crafting

Developer VestGames released a new trailer for their upcoming game Eville, detailing different vendors and a crafting system.

Developer VestGames have just revealed a new trailer for their upcoming social deduction title Eville, which is set to release in Steam Early Access in 2021. The trailer outlines more of the games systems, such as different vendors and their uses, and the crafting system within the game. 

For all the nitty-gritty, you can watch the trailer for the details here:

The trailer also shows off the many uses for different items that can be found within the game, and offers some tips and tricks for how to properly utilize them within the town of Eville.

Eville is a werewolves style multiplayer game that pits players against each other as either Citizens or Conspirators as they all try to live and sleep peacefully in the town of Eville, though some are more successful than others. 

For more on Eville and how it could potentially be the next big social deduction multiplayer hit, you can check out our preview of the game here. 



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Published May. 12th 2021

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