Rest Easy: PS4 Update Fixes Standby Issues

You can get up, rise and level-grind now - your PS4 is waiting for you after working itself out of its week-long hibernation.

Did you get a good break from your PlayStation 4? Well, the gaming system is back in action after a lengthy nap post-firmware update released by Sony.

The company has finally released version 2.01 of the PS4 firmware to replace the whacky v2.0 update that threw everyone off of their groove last week. Toting more than 200 megabytes of nothing but fixes, tweaks and maintenance, the patch notes offered this explanation:

"System software stability during use of some features has been improved."

See, Version 2.0 was intended to be the "biggest update delivered to date" by Sony. Among those new features slated to appear were Share Play, YouTube integration, the ability to search for other players, sorting options for the game library, among other things. However, the one feature that came along uninvited was one that ended up locking the system into standby mode whenever users would put their consoles to rest. PS4s all over would not power back on for the life of their owners.

After a multitude of complaints and inquiries about what had happened, owners of the sleeping systems were instructed to either turn them off entirely, or at the very least, refrain from messing with or unplugging them. Hopefully, nobody tried to be a hero in this situation.

PlayStation 4 systems everywhere should be up and running now, but there has yet to be any additional word from Sony about what else has been addressed with the new update. All that has been mentioned about the ordeal is this tweet:

In the meantime, go check for any vital signs on your system, and let us know what the deal is.


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Published Nov. 5th 2014

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