New stealth game Volume release date announced with trailer

Volume, a stealth game by the creator of Thomas Was Alone, Mike Bithell, will be released on August 18.

Volume, a stealth game by Mike Bithell (creator of Thomas Was Alone), has a release date announced in a newly released trailer. On August 18, Volume will release for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita.

The gameplay is based largely off of being heard and using sound as a distraction, so you are not seen by guards or turrets. Locksley, the main character, (based off of Robert of Locksley, known better as Robin Hood) "does not kill," according to Bithell's site. Rather, "he commits his crimes through stealth."

A screenshot of gameplay from Bithell's site.

The game comes with tools to remake and remix levels so players can create their own challenges. Volume comes with 100 pre-made levels, as well as many tools at the player's disposal that become available as the game progresses. The game also stars the voices of Andy Serkis, Danny Wallace and Charlie McDonnell.

Stealth-based games are an increasingly rare breed in the gaming world, so a new one is always welcome. Even certain game series, such as the Batman Arkham trilogy (which will soon be a tetralogy, if you count Origins), suffer from an effect that slowly removes stealth components and replaces them with action. This is harmful, as it takes away from some of the most tense moments of the game. 

Hopefully Volume can live up to the high expectations set by Thomas Was Alone and bring more life to the stealth genre.

Published Jun. 10th 2015
  • Ford James
    Featured Contributor
    I've been super excited for this game for ages, I'm a huge fan of Thomas Was Alone. 100% a must buy for me.

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