Zerg, Starcraft, You. [Blizzard Rant] Pt.3

The ultimate Zerg tactic.

Sorry, is my header bias towards a faction in a game? You're damn straight it is when talking about Starcraft.

I was never much of one to research things early on in my days. I found out about games through my friends or when I got it on Christmas or my birthday. So my first encounter with Starcraft was met with a bit of surprise at the graphics of it.  I had played Diablo and Warcraft 3 and they were both awesome 3d(ish) games, but Starcraft felt flat, it looked flat, and that's because...? It was built in a one dimensional space with no emphasis to express the third dimension.  I was still playing Super Nintendo at this point though so it really didn't bother me all that much.  After all who can disagree with the amazing CGI hillbillies getting blown up and eaten by aliens?

With Starcraft I focused more on multiplayer, I played through the story mode once just to get the backstory behind it, but then my focus was purely on beating the living hell out of everyone with 5 and 6 pool zerg rushes into ultra/ling base buster.  It was the only strategy I figured out and I abused it to no end. Unfortunately I was just unable to get into Starcraft like I had Warcraft 3 and so after a few short months it fell to the wayside.

For anyone interested in knowing more about the original Starcraft, a few points I should leave you with are that to play the game now is almost painful with its graphics.  However playing through its story line may be worth it if for nothing other than the bad ass old school CGI cut scenes and learning a more complete backstory to the Starcraft franchise.

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The ultimate Zerg tactic.


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Published May. 1st 2013

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