I am Bread received a Team Fortress 2 update

Continuing the collaboration between Valve and Bossa Studios, this piece of bread can now climb over the Heavy to become a sandwich.

Today, as a part of Bossa Studios’ ongoing collaboration with Valve, Bossa released a Team Fortress 2 update for I am Bread. I am Bread, released April 2015 for Mac and PC, focuses on a piece of bread that really wants to get toasted no matter the path he must take or the area in which he’s in. Though the bread in the update wants to become a sandwich, not toast, you can climb over the Heavy, fire a mini-gun, and ride a Balloonicorn.

The update released today at 5 pm GMT and is available for free on Steam for all players who already own the game. For those who don't already own I am Bread, the game is 50% off for a limited time to celebrate the release. 

I am Bread is set to release for the PlayStation 4 this summer, but no word on the official date has been announced.

From the words of Bossa, "Trust us when we say you really knead this….”

The game can be purchased on Steam here.


Published Aug. 13th 2015

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