Guy Plays Dark Souls 3 Using Nothing But Raw Meat

This might be one of the most weirdly inventive ways anyone has played Dark Souls 3.

The input lag was fierce, but popular YouTuber Damien Haas proved that Dark Souls can, in fact, be played and, to some extent, beaten with any input device.

In this case, Dark Souls 3 with little giblets of raw meat. 

While others have beaten Dark Souls using a steering wheel, a Guitar Hero controller, a fishing rod, and even a pair of bananas, Haas decided that since players essentially "play as a zombie" in the Dark Souls games, using meat as an input source was only fitting.

With the power of a Makey Makey invention kit, which can turn damn near anything into a keyboard/controller, Haas set out on his journey. 

Initially, the goal was defeating the game's tutorial boss, Iudex Gundyr, a hefty task for some even with a controller. Things were made more challenging by slippery paper plates and no way of easily remembering which piece of meat did what. 

But, according to Haas, the absolute worst was that the "meat smells like ass." 

I won't spoil much more because it's truly an amazing example of man's ingenious ingenuity and persistent persistence.

When Haas isn't literally beating meat to Dark Souls, he's busy lending his voice to games like Grand Theft Auto V and Fortnite. On top of that, he's a permanent member of the wildly popular Smosh Fam, and makes appearances on Smosh Gaming's YouTube channel

There's no denying that Dark Souls players are some of the most masochistic gamers on the planet. Many, having beaten each of the games dozens of times, seek out creatively absurd ways by which to experience the soul-crushing ARPG franchise. 

Earlier this year, ATwerkingYoshi beat the entirety of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice on a set of Donkey Kong bongo drums. 


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Published Jun. 27th 2019

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