[Interview] FedPoro A Fantastic Twitch Streamer That Plays League of Legends With Only Her Feet

FedPoro plays League Of Legends better than most with just her feet.

FedPoro is a League Of Legends Streamer unlike any other. Not only is she girl streamer, but she plays with her feet and is ranked Gold 2. FedPoro, also known as Leana, was born in Serbia without arms and because of that she’s adapted to doing things with her feet, which includes gaming.  Watching any of her streams, FedPoro shows an amount of skill that can’t be matched by a large portion of the community and her plays are a thing of beauty when the rest of the team follows through.

Her chat stays clean for the most part and the League Community has been supportive of her stream.  With over 15,000 subscribers FedPoro proves she’ isn’t a flash in the pan sort of Twitch streamer and with her likely reaching her goal of a new gaming set up soon. FedPoro is here to stay and I had a chance to interview the awesome League player herself.

GameSkinny: How long have you been playing video games

FedPoro (Leana):  I started with console games like SEGA and Nintendo from the moment my mom bought one for me and my brother, and that was when I was around 11 years old. When I was 15 we got our first PC and my first PC game was Tarzan. 

GameSkinny:  What’s one of your favorite games?

FedPoro (Leana):  Diablo 2.

GameSkinny:  Favorite platform of gaming?

FedPoro (Leana):  PC. But I like Xbox as well.

GameSkinny:  Why did you start playing League Of Legends

FedPoro (Leana): I was playing Diablo 3 with my friend at first. Then his friends joined us and I became friends with them. They were playing LoL in the same time and they convinced me to try it out.

GameSkinny:  Where did the username FedPoro come from

FedPoro (Leana): My first user name was Leana89. Then when Riot released Poros I fell in love with them and wanted my username to contain Poro in it. I wanted it to be MadPoro but it was already taken. Then I tried FatPoro but that was also taken. FedPoro was the only free username.

GameSkinny:  Who’s your favorite champion to play in League and Why?

FedPoro (Leana):  My favorite champion is Morgana at the moment. She's been my favorite for a long time, I used to play her midlane. She had a lot of damage and cc , long range and easy farm. She is basically very easy champion for me to play, and on top of all she is safe. I always feel safe and confident when playing her. I started playing her as support before everybody else because her spell shield is really good, one of the best spells in game in my opinion.

GameSkinny:  Why is support your favorite role to play in League of Legends?

FedPoro (Leana): - At first my main role was ADC. But that was when I was bronze and low silver, and in that division no one likes or knows how to play support. As ADC I was annoyed by that, so I decided to fill in. It turned out that I really enjoyed playing support, in that division no one calls for support and you know you're gonna get your role, no need to fight over ADC and mid and then get trollers because everybody wants ADC or mid. Now I play support because I like it and I think that support, after jungler, is the second most important role in game. Good jungler and good support is usually GGWP.

GameSkinny:  Do you ever play other roles besides support? Who do you use and why?

FedPoro (Leana):  If I can't play support I will go mid or top mostly. I still like playing ADC but my PC and my mouse don't let me lel. I get low fps (especially when streaming) and my mouse is really bad, so that interferes with my farming. When I get new PC and equipment I will play ADC again (if support is taken).  The only role I dislike playing is jungle. I don't have most of the jungle champions and I'm really bad at it so I try my best to avoid it.

GameSkinny:  In your opinion who is the best support champion right now?

FedPoro (Leana): - I would say Morgana and Braum. Morgana is good early game as much as late game, Braum is more late game though. Besides two of them I would say also Nami and Thresh.

GameSkinny:  How has the League community been since you started streaming? Twitch Chat can be a little cruel to even the most awesome of players like yourself.

FedPoro (Leana):  Honestly, I was surprised how good community was. Where I come from people judge disabled people and we are mostly pushed aside or avoided. When streaming all world can see me and I learned there are so many good and awesome people in the world. Mostly everybody is supporting me and are amazed how I play and I'm deeply grateful for it. Of course there are always those people who can't see from outside of the box, but that's just internet and they will always be around. I don't find it annoying, most of viewers never saw girl without arms playing video games and they are curious, so sometimes they ask funny questions. But it's only normal, we are humans after all, I don't judge. I am here to entertain, teach and hopefully change the point of view towards people like me, I like being inspiration.

GameSkinny:  I read on your Twitch profile that you are trying to save up for special equipment to play games, are you close to your goal yet?

FedPoro (Leana):  Yes I am almost there! I need around 2000€ (because stream is my only income), and I got 1400€ so far. Thank you everybody!

GameSkinny:  Do you have any advice for anyone out there looking to get better at League?

FedPoro (Leana):  Don't be toxic! From what I learned being toxic is not gonna get you anywhere. I get mad at game and at certain players, but I don't flame them. I will nicely point out their mistake and that's it. The less you write the better are chances to win. Also, don't blame your teammates. Sometimes there are obvious mistakes that someone makes but it's not always like that. This a team game and there's never only 1 or 2 persons to blame, it's the whole team including yourself as well. And it doesn't mean that because enemy team won that they are better, or opposite, it's a champion composition that wins a game. And about trollers and afk'ers, well everybody gets them from time to time, it's not fair but it is like it is, just suck it up and keep playing. And last advice, don't let League or any other game affects your personal life or mood. I get in the bad mood because of game sometimes, but then I take a break and do something else. It is game, it is supposed to be fun, don't let it be anything else but fun. 

A big thank you to FedPoro (Leana) for taking the time to answer my questions. Check out her Twitch Channel, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter to keep up on her streaming schedule. If you want to watch a fantastic League player give her a watch, you may learn a few things.

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Published Aug. 21st 2014
  • Bob Nat
    Great interview.
  • Angelina Bonilla
    Featured Correspondent
    Thanks! I'm glad more people could find out about this awesome player!
  • HasturHasturHastur
    "I get mad at game and at certain players, but I don't flame them. "
    Well,it seems that calling people f*cking noobs is not considered to be flaming anymore...also she had chat restrictions.
    She is special,yes but she makes obvius mistakes yet blames somebody else.
    I still hope she gets a better gear and continue to play.
  • Angelina Bonilla
    Featured Correspondent
    Pretty sure everyone has gotten mad at league at some point and everyone has made mistakes. I'm really not sure what you're trying to say here.
  • Kitten Mother
    Wow. Wow wow wow! I LOVE this! Thanks for doing the interview with her! :D First I've seen something like this...and that's just..wonderful. I don't know what more or better ways I can say it. ...I'm just so happy to see such a spotlight put on people such as this.
  • Angelina Bonilla
    Featured Correspondent
    You are most certainly welcome, I was happy to do an interview with such a fantastic player. I've been thanking her for taking the time and doing an interview with me. It was such a wonderful experience. :)

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