These 7 Unofficial Dragon Ball Z Games on Android Are Hilariously Bad

Power Level Warrior

I'm not sure what's more intimidating: the amount of lines needed to be drawn to depict the characters' muscles or the stare down happening between two people who could essentially be the same person (wow, there's the DBZ similarities). 

At its base, Power Level Warrior is another free combat game where players face opponents in an arena setting, collecting balls and crystals and leveling up in order to be the best dragon warrior in the land. 

At its worst, Power Level Warrior hasn't got much else to its name. I don't even know if the main character has a name, as the opponents barely do. 

As the superstition goes, names have power. Perhaps this game's lack of names is telling in its own way...

Get Power Level Warriors from the Google Play Store here.

Published Dec. 3rd 2017

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