Microsoft unleashes 1TB Elite Xbox One; pre-order for $500

Microsoft has unveiled the new Elite Xbox One for pre-order, pricing at $500 for a 1TB hard drive and customizable controller.

Today Microsoft unleashed their new addition in the Xbox series, called the Elite Xbox One. With many new features, it's sure to making saving data easier with the 1TB hard drive along with a faster power-save-mode, that will enhance speed by 20%.The Elite Xbox One

This next-gen addition called the Elite Xbox One is launching this November from the Microsoft store and GameStop. It's now up for pre-order with GameStop, and is meant to enhancing the gaming experience on the Xbox One with new customizable controller features. 

A new attribute that Microsoft is adding to the Elite controller is pairing it with an app that makes customizing buttons very simple. Pairing the new controller qualities along with the 1TB hard drive and new Xbox One look, any gamer would want to get this new console for their gaming needs.

Official release date for the Elite Xbox One is November 3rd, and can be pr-ordered now for $500.

Would you go ahead and buy a new Xbox One for the new look and larger hard drive? Does customizing the controller really affect gaming? Share your comments on this new console below!

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Published Aug. 31st 2015
  • topher339
    This is definitely a better deal than when the One first released. Twice the storage and an awesome controller. 500 gigs was never near enough storage. You can't store more than eight full XBox One games on it. I can only assume Microsoft knew that. It really makes me feel a bit robbed of my money but that's inevitably what happens when you buy consoles at release. As for the power save feature, I don't see why a software update wouldn't allow any One to do the same thing as this new Elite.
  • Courtney Gamache
    Featured Contributor
    It does seem a bit cheatsy to up the gigs by double - but I guess they learned games are only getting larger in GBs and they need to accommodate that - plus, who wants to delete saved games?

    I don't actually have an Xbox One - but is there a way to externally save data off of the hard drive supported? I would imagine so but never know with Microsoft.
  • topher339
    I still don't see how they ever thought that the drive would be large enough. The average game on the 360 was around 5 or 6 gigs. The original 360 came with only 20 gigs but it didn't require that every game was downloaded to the drive. You would think they would know that with games being as lengthy and graphically demanding as they are that the games would be much too large to fit very many on the 500 gig drive.

    As for externall data, as long as you're connected to Live, all save files are automatically backed up on the cloud. Even if you delete your game, your save remains online. Every time you play, it syncs to cloud which then recalls your saves.

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