Hogwarts Legacy: Solved by the Bell Solution Guide

Here's how to obtain the treasure in the quest "Solved by the Bell" in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy has included a few treasure map quests throughout the gameplay. One of these is "Solved by the Bell", a pun quest name based on the sitcom show Saved by the Bell. The musical map is acquired in Henrietta's Hideaway. Here's how to complete the "Solved by the Bell" quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Complete Solved by the Bell

Musical Map Treasure Location

The map features only one clue to point towards the treasure's location. That is an image of the Southeastern regions of the Hogwarts Legacy map. Notably, the peninsula is quite reminiscent of the one in Manor Cape where Henrietta's Hideaway is located. From there we can see large landmarks around the central part of the neighboring continent. This treasure is to be found in Clagmar Castle in the Clagmar Coast Region.

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If you already completed "Sacking Selwyn" this area will be easy to travel to via the Clagmar Castle Floo Flame. If Selwyn is still alive and poaching animals, he will need to be dealt with first before attempting a solution to the bells, which hang in the Southwestern corner of the castle.

Solved by the Bell Puzzle Solution

The map shows which bell corresponds to which note. The bottom section with the G Clef is what notes need to be rung in what order to solve the puzzle. If you can read music this should be easy for you. For those of us who cannot, here is the solution.

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Using basic cast, you want to hit the bells in the following order:

  1. Bottom right
  2. Middle left
  3. Left 2nd from the top
  4. Right second from the top
  5. Middle left
  6. Top left
  7. Top right
  8. Right second from the top

Fans of the series will then hear a familiar tune play across the bells. After the melody is finished, a treasure chest will appear next to you, ready to plunder. That is how to complete "Solved by the Bell" in Hogwarts Legacy. For more help in game, check out our library of Hogwarts Legacy guides.

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Published Feb. 28th 2023

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