New Assassin's Creed Trailer Reveals More Plot for Divergent Movie Adaptation

The latest Assassin's Creed movie trailer shows Abstergo Industries prison, along with Fassbender's ancestral step into the Spanish Inquisition.

Another trailer for Assassin's Creed was released today, and it shows us more of the plot line for the movie rendition of the long-running AC game series -- along with a preview of the cast that will be joining Michael Fassbender. 

In this film adaptation, Fassbender won't be portraying Desmond Miles nor Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad. As we've already seen, the movie rendition of Assassin's Creed will not reflect the same plotline of its Ubisoft namesake.

In the movie version, Callum Lynch (Fassbender) is imprisoned, then rescued from his execution by Abstergo Industries. He is then forced to become a member of the Animus Project to relive the experiences of his ancestor, Aguilar de Nerha, during the age of the Spanish Inquisition. 

During the film's pre-production in 2014, Fassbender made the following comment about the decision to use a different protagonist and storyline:

"You know, we absolutely want to respect the game...but we also want to bring new elements to it and perhaps our own version of things that already exist in the game. "

The teaser (which you can watch above) showcases a wider look at the 'prison' portrayal of the members of Abstergo Industries, along with how Fassbender's character reacts to the knowledge of his ancestry and how Abstergo plans to utilize it.

Assassin's Creed will be released in theaters December 21st, and will also star Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Irons, Brendan Gleeson, and Michael K. Williams.


Published Oct. 18th 2016

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