Super Mario Maker 2 Course Upload Limit Increased to 64

Course makers aren't tied to just 32 upload slots anymore as Nintendo doubles the limit to 64.

Thirty-two course upload limit, begone! Super Mario Maker 2 players can now upload a maximum of 64 courses to the Course World as of today, marking the first increase in course upload caps the game is set to receive.

The 32-course limit has been a contentious topic among the Super Mario Maker 2 community since the game's release, as the original Wii U title offered 100 upload slots to course makers. For some (many) creators, 32 slots just wasn't enough.

Creators can start filling up those extra slots up to the 64 limit today, but this isn't the last limit increase the game is going to see. According to the official Nintendo of America Twitter and an in-game notification, Nintendo will be raising the upload cap again at a later date.

The course ID shared in the tweet is the development team's first released course since Super Mario Maker 2 released, and with luck, it won't be the last. The original Super Mario Maker included a number of special guest-made courses that were unique, to say the least.

This is, hopefully, the first of many updates to Nintendo's level-making-and-sharing title, and the community already has a laundry list of potential additions they'd want. How Nintendo will continue to grow Super Mario Maker 2 will be interesting, but it will surely be a slow drip.

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Published Jul. 25th 2019

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