Telltale Games' The Walking Dead to Get a Season 3

Telltale Games' The Walking Dead has been confirmed to be receiving a third season for its players to enjoy. However, no further details released.

Now that the second season is reaching its conclusion, Telltale has wrapped up another Walking Dead under its belt. However, it doesn't seem this will be the last we've seen of Telltale's hit game.

Skybound Entertainment, the TWD comic studio founded by Robert Kirkman the TWD writer, announced on Twitter that Telltale Games would be returning for a third season of the popular series. However, much has been left unsaid about the third season since it's so early.

Details on the third season were left rather dry. Other than the fact that it was going to happen, everything was left ambiguous. It's unconfirmed whether the story will even follow Clementine, or if it will switch to a different protagonist altogether.

A third season of TWD for Telltale Games might not exactly be in their best interest, however. Telltale Games as it stands is stretching its resources, so much so that it might even be influencing the quality of their other games. Whether Telltale Games actually turns things around with their project management or not could very well alter the quality of the upcoming season for the franchise. Not only this, but Telltale has to worry about transferring games across generations of consoles if they plan on moving to the next-gen with their new season.


Published Jul. 28th 2014

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