Neverwinter Community Team Holding 24 Hour Marathon for Child's Play

Watch stream, donate to charity, win prizes. Everyone wins!

Like Neverwinter? Want to donate to Child's Play? Well these next 24 hours are going to make for your lucky day, as the Neverwinter Community team are going to be battling baddies and sleep over the next day for a marathon stream of the game.

Oh, and they're giving away prizes.

The stream can be found here and will be giving a look at the upcoming Fury of the Feywild content update on the NeverwinterPreview shard. If you want to join the Community team during their adventures, follow the steps on this forum post to get into the Preview shard.

The stream will be running until 12:01PM PDT/3:01PM EDT tomorrow. Viewing at various times may net you one of the following prizes:

  • Fury of the Feywild Pack
  • Promotional chest
  • Gaming mouse
  • Gaming keyboard
  • Neverwinter T-shirt
  • D&D board game
  • Undisclosed prize

That's a pretty hefty list of possible prizes to be given away! If you would like to donate to the stream's Child's Play campaign but don't have the time to watch, you can donate here directly.

Published Aug. 13th 2013

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