Legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes story-line released in new trailer

A new Tri Force Heroes trailer debuts showing off game play, along with insights into the story-line that motivates Link.

A new trailer for Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes released giving insight to the games story-line and how gameplay will officially work. Though the game won't be included on the Zelda timeline, there is some light story that gives gamers a want to help Zelda as much as possible.

The Story-line of Tri Force Heroes

Tri Force Heroes doesn't embody a very heavy story-line, but it seems based on the trailer that Princess Zelda has been put under a curse after opening a present, and the King of Hytopia is put into a huge emotional distress. With the emotional anguish overtaking the King, he puts in an advertisement on an infamous Zelda sign, where Link accepts the challenge and steps forward to save the Princess. 

Becoming the Hero of Hytopia, Link along with two friends go on an adventure to overcome bosses and enemies alike to save Princess Zelda. To carry out the goal of saving Zelda from the curse, the three Links must work together to bypass puzzles that get in their way throughout the numerous levels.

How the game play will work

To play Tri Force Heroes you don't necessarily need three different people playing together. Sure that could be a fun route to take, but you can play it solo by switching between the three doppelgängers. The hardware of Tri Force Heroes will work with either three separate games on different 3DSs, or by using Download Play with one copy when playing locally. There is a distinct benefit of having a copy of the game, so online play can be done with friends and newcomers, but it isn't a necessity if Zelda isn't your passion but you want to experience the magic.

There are also specific items available throughout the different levels of Tri Force Heroes along with costumes that Link can wear through the unlocking process. The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes becomes a slightly customizable puzzle game where the sole purpose is defeating enemies to save Zelda, but with style.

For the full trailer view the below video that was uploaded by user Nintendo3DSuk.

What do you think of the new Tri Force Heroes game? Will the online team ability bring Zelda into a new generation of gaming? Share your thoughts below!

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Published Sep. 28th 2015

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