Digimon Survive Character Spotlight: Miu Shinonome, Syakomon

The latest Digimon Survive character spotlight highlights the frustrated Miu Shinonome and her sensible digital partner.

Digimon Survive might have been delayed a bit (again), but that hasn't stopped Bandai Namco from releasing another character spotlight. This Digimon Survive character spotlight introduces us to Miu Shinonome, Kaito Shinonome's sister, and her partner Digimon Syakomon.

The translation of this spotlight comes from Gematsu.

Miu is the one who tells Saki Kimijima about the mysterious shrine in the woods, near her and Kaito's home. That's partly because Miu developed a significant interest in the occult and partly because she's fed up with Kaito's overprotectiveness and wants to do something on her own.

Kaito's reputation means Miu doesn't have many friends at school; once they arrive in the other world, she tells Kaito she hates him and runs off.

In contrast to Miu's fixation with the world of the unseen, her partner Digimon Syakomon is grounded and sensible. Much like Shuuki Kayama and his Digimon Lopmon, Miu and Syakomon balance each other's personalities.

The original story is over on Gematsu. Hopefully, we'll hear some news about Digimon Survive's release window sometime soon, but stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Digimon Survive news either way.


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Published Apr. 30th 2020

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