#GamerGate Controversy Inspires Suicide Prevention Charity Fundraiser

Out of the firestorm of controversy known as GamerGate, a charity has been organized to combat suicidal depression in gamers.

The recent controversy surrounding the ethics of game journalism, dubbed "GamerGate," has inspired a positive outcome in the form of a charity fundraiser on CrowdRise to promote awareness and support research for suicide prevention. 

Amidst the storm of heated debate concerning journalistic ethics in gaming and the rise in online harassment in gaming communities, there has come a growing awareness of a need for change in the gaming industry on all fronts - not just among journalists and game developers, but among gamers themselves. This has given way to efforts to improve the community, including an open letter by game developers urging gamers to curb hate speech and harassment, and now this charity to aid the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in its efforts to help depression sufferers get the support and treatment they need.

Gamers are coming together to help combat the serious problem of suicidal depression. If you or someone you know is suffering, don't suffer alone - get help.

Charity organizer Lo Ping described the intent of the charity's efforts on the fundraiser's description page:

Recognizing the need for awareness and aid, we are raising money to benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  Depression is a very serious and often silent issue that plagues many. Often times, video games are used by some as a means of escapism to get away from those feelings.  But we recognize that sometimes, people need more help than this. And they may not be aware that there is help out there; an ear and a voice that won't judge, won't criticize. A community that understands, and that can help them through their most trying times.

In just over an hour from the creation of the fundraising page, the $2000 goal was met, and has now nearly tripled. To donate to the cause or find out more, visit their CrowdRise page.


Jessa wears a lot of hats - anthropology graduate, mother, obsessive book nerd, writer of both fiction and non-fiction - but her favorite hat is that of the gamer - a hat she's worn since owning an Atari was a "big deal."

Published Sep. 15th 2014

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