Metal: Hellsinger DLC 'Dream of the Beast' Packs In New Songs

Metal: Hellsinger's upcoming DLC pack will include new songs from vocalists Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil) and Will Ramos (Lorna Shore).

Publisher Funcom and developer The Outsiders have announced that Metal: Hellsinger will be receiving a DLC pack soon. Titled "Dream of the Beast," this first expansion is set for release on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5 on March 29, 2023, and will include two new songs for players to battle through along with a brand new weapon to unleash hell with.

The headlining act in "Dream of the Beast' is a new song from Lacuna Coil vocalist Cristina Scabbia. One of the most well-regarded female vocalists in metal, she has been rocking out for nearly 30 years and should prove to be a tremendously great fit for Metal: Hellsinger. Will Ramos of Lorna Shore is no slouch, either, and will be a fun addition to the already stacked OST.

"Dream of the Beast" also includes a weapon called the Red Right Hand, which is a machine gun that requires more precision to use correctly. As well as this weapon, three new costumes have been added that modify the gameplay in untold ways. These additions should add some extra challenge for players that have obliterated the main campaign and its challenges.

Lastly, in a free update launching alongside the DLC, a new song selection feature is being added to Metal: Hellsinger. This will allow players to pick whatever song they want for each level, allowing you to make your own custom soundtrack for the campaign. This is how the aforementioned Lacuna Coil and Lorna Shore songs fit in as there aren't any new levels in "Dream of the Beast."

While maybe not the most robust DLC pack ever, "Dream of the Beast" sounds like a solid addition to Metal: Hellsinger.


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Published Mar. 7th 2023

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