Dauntless Guide: Where to Find Broken Bicuspids

If you're struggling to find Broken Bicuspids in Dauntless, check out this guide for all the info you need to get them.

In Phoenix Labs' Dauntless, players must work together to bring down hulking monsters and complete grueling quests. This action RPG combines elements from games like Monster Hunter and Dark Souls, and players will have to face down some formidable foes if they're going to survive and get stronger. 

Many of these monsters drop resources that will let players upgrade their gear to be more efficient warriors. Broken Bicuspids are one such resource -- a rare material that allows players to fine tune their weapons and armor. Where and how can you find this valuable item? In this short Dauntless guide, we'll give you the rundown on everything you need to know about obtaining Broken Biscupids.

How to Get Broken Bicuspids in Dauntless

Broken Bicuspids are teeth that can drop from Behemoths. Similar to the Monster Hunter franchise, certain monster parts (teeth, horns, or claws) can be obtained by targeting specific parts of the body.

Because Broken Bicuspids are teeth, you’ll want to consistently target the head of the Behemoth you are battling. It won’t drop every time, as its based in RNG and has lower odds of dropping than other resources. Some in the Dauntless community claim the chance of success is somewhere around 1-10%.

The following Behemoths have been reported to drop Broken Bicuspids after some good old-fashioned head trauma:

  • Ragetail Gnasher
  • Quillshot
  • Shrike
  • Rogue Shrike

I recommend choosing one Behemoth and farming it until you have enough Broken Bicuspids to upgrade your favorite equipment.

That's all you need to know for getting this particular resource. Now get out there and break some faces! Just be sure to check out the rest of our Dauntless guides for more tips and tricks to help you stay alive in this unforgiving co-op monster hunt:


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Published Aug. 25th 2017

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