Top 10 Fallout Mods We Want to See in Fallout 4

Environment enhancement

Fallout 3 and New Vegas were some bleak-looking games. While most purists absolutely loved the greenish and yellowish color palette (what else would you expect from the post-apocalyptic world, they say), other less enthusiastic gamers wanted to see a more colorful world. An excellent mod titled Fellout was released for people preferring a different kind of Fallout.

The previously limited palette was one of the reasons why Bethesda gave the world of Fallout 4 a lot of bright colors. But, don’t you see a contradiction here? This time, the situation will be no different for purists, who will probably have to wait for another environment enhancement mod to turn the bright world of Fallout 4 back into the colorless desert of despair.

Published Nov. 3rd 2015

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