The Bandicoot Is Back

Time to talk about the return of a certain loved, but often forgotten Bandicoot from a distant time.

Skylanders, a word that will send most parents and "grown ups" hiding their wallets, and what with the current onslaught of toys to life (well apart from Disney Infinity now) who can blame them?

Now I will freely admit to being a sucker for the toys to life gimmick, I started with Spyro's Adventure mostly because I believed it to be a Spyro game and have fond memories playing most of the Crash Bandicoot games on the PlayStation (I could never find Crash Bandicoot 2).

Now it was to my surprise what I thought was going to be a terrible game, turned out there was a pretty brilliant game hidden underneath it's cutesy graphics and collect em' all mind set. That, and the random difficulty spikes (I'm looking at you final boss!)

So when I heard that a certain orange marsupial was (finally) coming to Skylanders Imaginators I couldn't wait to get my hands on him. Finally, a new Crash Bandicoot game (from a certain point of view) after so long, so that's why I'm dubbing this new Skylanders game...

Crash's Adventure

Which is all well and good, but we do need an actual Crash Bandicoot game, not a cameo in Uncharted or as an additional character. An actual game starring the Orange fuzz ball that we love, and no a HD remake doesn't count OK!

It needs to be fresh and original, and if possible still have the drop in and out co-op from Mind Over Mutant and Crash of The Titans (again both fun games despite the reviews and I recommend you check them out).

Now of course since finishing the recent Skylanders I have invested my remaining free time into LEGO Dimensions, again for my love of LEGO -- and the fact that with the set you get actual mini builds/figures to create. Also there is a LEGO Sonic Adventure pack coming out, so that's on my Christmas list!

...of course that said if Sonic was to be a Skylander in the next installment of the game I would happily buy that as well, no questions asked. As for Crash, I can't wait to finally get my hands on him again after so long.


Trying to track down the Jade Monkey, and save the 9th Dimension from Captain BoBo, the evil space chimp. Also I do YouTuber things sometimes...

Published Nov. 2nd 2016

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