Blade and Soul: Soul Fighter Class Excels In Close and Ranged Combat

NCsoft West released Soul Fighter Class in Blade and Soul today

Today marked the release of NCsoft West's "Soul Fighter" class in their martial-arts based MMO, Blade and Soul. This latest character class is available to the Gon, Jin, and Yun character races and is the ninth class to be added to the game.

The Soul Fighter class is comprised of two initial classes, the Force Master and Kung Fu Master, which allow for control over foes in close combat, and out of range enemies as well. Players who choose to play as a Soul Fighter can choose which stance they adopt to best fit the current circumstance and situation, or the play-style they prefer. Utilizing ice elementals, the Force Master can keep enemies at a distant and keep the damage rolling in. The Kung Fu Master utilizes earth abilities for close quarters and melee manipulation.

Furthermore, the Soul Fighter has the ability to dash quickly in and out of combat situations to retreat, or gain a different angle.

Blade and Soul is available to download and play for free, at the Blade and Soul website.

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Published Jun. 22nd 2016

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