Terraria 1.2 in Final Stages of Development, Release Sometime This Month!

Terraria 1.2 is so close I can almost smell it. Smells like honeycomb blocks.

Remember when Redigit said Terraria 1.2 would be going live before October 1st? If his promise of a September release didn't convince you due to all the previous vague release windows, doubt no longer: Redigit is giving the patch its final touches to before setting it loose.

The wait for Terraria 1.2 has been long and dramatic. Spoiler images have taunted us and release windows turned delays have crushed us, but here we are on the brink of the game's biggest patch after a extended development hiatus.

Redigit put up the following tweet yesterday afternoon confirming that the patch is on the way, and it really is coming out this month:

After so many delays and so many irate (and excited) fans waiting in the wings to get their hands on Terraria 1.2, it feels good to know that we are so close to the game's PC revival. With the game having made its way to most platforms at this point, its original PC release desperately needed some love.

We are on the cusp of a total Terraria revival. Doesn't it just feel nice?

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Published Sep. 11th 2013

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