New character trailer for Star Ocean 5 released

A new Star Ocean 5 trailer shows off the protagonist, Fidel Camuze, and highlights some gameplay.

More Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithfulness information was revealed recently in the form of a new character trailer that introduces the protagonist: Fidel Camuze.

In addition to introducing the character himself the trailer provides some dialogue (in Japanese, of course) and highlights Fidel's interactions with a few characters -- such as an extensive cutscene with the heroine Miki Sauvester. Several conversations happen in trailer within the flow of gameplay. 

Several scenes show off varied environments -- such as a medieval setting filled with castle-like structures that appear to be based on an Earth-type planet. There was also what appears to be a more futuristic area that is brightly colored and filled with more modern technologies. 

Combat is also shown off in the trailer, and it appears to be in real-time, similar to other titles in the series. The battles, however, appear to occur on the field of exploration, as opposed to taking in a separate area -- as is the case in many other JRPGs.

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithfulness is set to be released on March 31st, 2016 in Japan. North American and European regions have no scheduled release date, aside from a pending release for sometime this year.

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Published Jan. 13th 2016

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