The 17 most anticipated RPGs of 2016

Torment: Tides Of Numenera

How do you follow-up what is still frequently heralded as the best story in all of RPG history? InXile has its work cut out for it with the spiritual sequel to Planescape: Torment. There's a solid history there in re-imagining old IPs, as the developer previously brought about the non-traditional Bard's Tale reboot, as well as the 25 years in the making Wasteland 2.

Those who haven't been eagerly following this project since it was first crowd funded all the way back in March of 2013 may be wondering just where the “Planescape” tag went. Well, Wizards of the Coast wasn't going to give that setting up (despite not using it in any meaningful way themselves for years), so the themes from the original are getting re-imagined in the new-ish Numenera pen and paper RPG setting – and don't worry, it's every bit as weird and wonderful as Planescape.

Some other big changes are coming as well, like the “real time with pause” system being replaced by turn based combat. Following an alpha test for backers, project lead Kevin Saunders just departed the project and was replaced by Chris Keenan, prompting a delay in the release to 2016 as more changes and tweaks are made. This drastic change so near the proposed release date has some fans skittish, but personally I'd be fine with even further delays to polish this thing until it shines. This is a game that needs to be perfect and can't afford to drop with all the bugs and problems that existed on the initial launch of Wasteland 2.

Published Nov. 9th 2015

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