3 Kickstarters To Keep An Eye On This Year

The 3 Kickstarters you should check out this year.

Kickstarter has gotten a bad name now, and I am here to point out that there are campaigns worth your time backing and checking out. I've hand picked three interesting and inspiring games that reaffirm the good with indie game development. I have put some time, effort, and research to ensure the project creators are talking to the community, posting updates when needed, and generally being active. If you are going to possibly back these, then that would show these project creators can be trusted with your hard earned cash. 

1. BFF or Die: A Co-Op Game That Brings Gamers Together

It is a co-op game for friends and family to enjoy. The creator can be seen  regularly interacting with backers, and providing post updates. The developer also has a video with player reactions, and the last response from the maker was a few days ago. It is currently at the time of this post at $11,473 of it's  $19,620 goal it needs to succeed -- It also has a demo that anyone can download for free! 

There is a 1 player mode if you do not have friends to play it with. The levels in this mode have a lot of ways of which you can clear them, and it is going to be a lot tougher alone without friends backing you up. You can also share the keyboard, and a controller to make stuff possibly easier for co-op mode. 

You can find it at GameJoltItch, and Indie DB for Windows, Mac and Linux.  It also has already been greenlit on Steam, and will be coming to PS4 more than likely. If this sounds like a game you're interested in supporting, check it out here

2. Mythica VR: Virtual Reality Questing with your Friends

Mythica VR is being created by Arrowstorm Entertainment, who are known for the mainline Mythica series. They wish to bring the Mythica experience to virtual reality. At this time, the dev is responding to any community questions and answering them in a timely fashion. 

Mythica VR will be released on Steam on PC, the Google Play Store, and the iOS App Store. On PC it can be played with the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and or Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 (DK2). If you're going to use mobile it can be played with a Google Cardboard compatible headset, and they do plan to support Google Daydream.

You create your own character, join with friends and or can get matched with other players. Quest matching will be with players at the same level as your character. The quests can be small, or a larger campaign depending on how you are leveling up. 

If you wish to be the GM(Game Master) you can build your very own map in a very basic map editor using the mouse to make rooms, add monsters, and other fun things.  

The link to the Kickstarter can be found here, as well as more details.

3. Ruin of the Reckless 

Ruin of the Reckless, a game being created by Faux-Operative Games, is a rogue-like action game inspired by 16-bit classics is focusing on the players speed, melee combat, and co-op. The devs have already did work on the game for a year before pitching for funding to Kickstarter on their own, which also points to a very good sign. 

The team wishes to catch that 16-bit look and feel like The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past. They want to provide a better graphical update, more challenges, and an element of randomness paired with good pacing. The randomness is good because not everybody may not have the same experiences while playing through the game with themselves or other friends. 

The dev has been keeping up by responding to questions and posting updates as often as needed. Currently, it's already at $6,642 pledged of it's $10,000 goal which means it's looking good. 

If this is a game you'd wish to back, you can do so here as it has 27 days left as of writing.

Hopefully these three Kickstarter campaigns rekindle your confidence on crowdsourcing games and the people behind them. You can never ever be careful as you need to watch what game devs you support and back these days thanks to Mighty No 9.  

Please do not take my word as a gospel or fact, these are all just my opinions and views these select few  Kickstarter projects. I am in no way affiliated with the game devs behind these either. 


Dustin has a passion for games journalism despite not wanting to go for a degree due to the expensive amount to attend college. He has written for gaming blogs and websites despite all this where he's learned his own craft. You can contact him at dustylee15[@]gmail[dot]com

Published Aug. 29th 2016

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