Final Fantasy XV confirmed for 2016, more info on upcoming reveals

Final Fantasy XV, special events and Active Time Reports! So much FF news!

Square Enix has confirmed that Final Fantasy XV will be releasing sometime next year.

The company revealed that fans should look forward to the upcoming Tokyo Game Show for another episode of the Active Time Report, where they will be revealing more information about Final Fantasy XV.

Square Enix also announced that there is going to be a special event on March 2016 but besides that, we have nothing else to go on.

Right now, it looks like fans of Final Fantasy have a lot to look forward to and the mystery right now is what exactly is that special event supposed to be about?

Only time will tell.

Final Fantasy XV is the latest addition to the Final Fantasy franchise and the sacred crystal is being sought out after more than ever. It's the classic tale of a truce between two nations, only for one nation to betray the other and seize it when their guard is down. The victim nation in this story is the Kingdom of Lucis and not only is Niflheim seizing their capital city but they’re stealing Lucis’ sacred crystal!


Published Aug. 31st 2015
  • shox_reboot
    What If this special event turns out to be SE coming out and saying 'Hey guys! Final Fantasy XV releases RIGHT NOW'!

    Yeah I know it's a 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% chance but WHAT IF?

    A guy can dream.

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