Dragon Slayer Award Nominee: Brandon "Branflakes"

Vote Branflakes for Community Manager of the Year!

Brandon Felczer, known by his handle Branflakes, is the Community Manager for Cryptic Games’ Star Trek Online. Branflakes began as a player of Star Trek Online – since beta – and then wrote for Massively before becoming Community Manager. He still plays Star Trek Online and is highly active.

Branflakes is responsible for nearly all of the social media, including Facebook and YouTube and is the writer behind the majority of blog posts regarding the game. He has also created most of the wallpapers and screenshots that are released officially through the website, and is responsible for the developer interviews and podcasts. He also runs in-game community events, some of them weekly, and he works closely with the design team behind the launcher ads for Cryptic’s C-Store for Star Trek Online.

Branflakes studied International Business at San Diego State University, and lives and works in California. Remember, the Prime Directive dictates that you must vote for Branflakes for Community Manager of the Year!


Published Aug. 7th 2013

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