GTA Online Gets New Weapons, Bonuses, and Discounts

Rockstar adds the futuristic Unholy Hellbringer and Widowmaker weapons to GTA Online, and double cash rewards will help destitute players pay for them.

While Red Dead Online may be Rockstar's newest multiplayer offering, the developer continues to support its highly successful GTA Online. This support includes the recent Arena War update, which brought new vehicles and game modes to the title, and Rockstar is back with two new weapons for fans to enjoy as well as some bonuses and discounts.

The Unholy Hellbringer and Widowmaker are GTA Online's newest firearms, and they have a futuristic bent. Rockstar elaborates on these stylish guns in its announcement:

Are you concerned that your favorite rifle doesn’t spit molten chunks of Second Amendment hot enough or fast enough for the 21st century? Well fret no more, and welcome to the future of freedom: you can now own the new and exclusive Republican Space Ranger Edition weapons...

Both of these weapons are now available from any of the game's Ammu-Nation locations. Players that want to add the Unholy Hellbringer and Widowmaker to their arsenals will need to spend $449,000 for each of them.

For those that are cash poor and cannot afford this new firepower, Rockstar has a solution: the Arena War Series is currently providing double GTA$ and RP through January 14.

Fans that want to obtain these bonuses should participate in the Hasta La Vista, Vehicle Vendetta, and Vespucci Job modes, and double cash can also be accrued on all Biker Business sales.

Furthermore, a number of discounts are available this week, which will give players an opportunity to try out businesses and vehicles at a cheaper rate. These discounts include:

  • Biker Businesses – 35% off
  • Facilities – 30% off
  • Grotti X80 Proto – 35% off
  • Mammoth Hydra – 35% off
  • Nagasaki Shotaro – 35% off
  • Weeny Issi Classic – 35% off
  • Dewbauchee Vagner – 30% off
  • Mammoth Thruster – 30% off
  • Mammoth Avenger – 35% off
  • Ocelot Stromberg – 30% off
  • Pegassi Zentorno – 30% off

Community response to this week's offerings seems quite positive, with players suggesting that the Biker Business sales bonus is an excellent way to build up a sizable bank account. However, with the discounts and new weapons enticing fans to spend, these cash holdings may not last long.

Details on the update are available on Rockstar's website.


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Published Jan. 8th 2019

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