Redfall Gameplay Trailer Reveals What Hunters Do in the Shadows

Sink your teeth into some new Redfall gameplay.

Redfall debuted during E3 2021 with a nearly-five-minute cinematic trailer introducing the eponymous Massachusetts town, the vampire plague afflicting it, and the heroes hellbent on saving the world. At the Xbox and Bethesda showcase as part of Summer Games Fest 2022, developer Arkane Austin debuted Redfall's first gameplay footage. 

Clocking in at almost six minutes, the trailer gives some more background on the characters and world (the locations give me real Lost Boys vibes), shows vampires and cultists getting their asses kicked, introduces the four playable heroes, and teases the game's skill trees and loadout options. 

The trailer also provides a great look at the different types of weapons and powers you'll be able to wield while taking down the vampire menace. There are assault rifles, sawed-off shotguns, and handguns; there's dynamite and other throwables; there are unique weapons, like the stake launcher and UV beam, according to Arkane, and there are special character abilities, sometimes supernatural.

Layla can use her telekinesis to create shields for allies or manifest an elevator to launch them into the air. Jacob, the sniper, can call forth an ethereal falcon or sniper rifle if he doesn't already have one. Devinder can use his gear to sense temporal gateways that lead to nests and other areas. Remi, the engineer, has a cool robot named Bribon, and that's good enough for us (there's probably more there, we just don't know it quite yet). 

Redfall is set to release sometime in 2023 for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Game Pass. Its open world can be explored in single-player or in co-op for up to four players. Stay tuned for more.

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Published Jun. 14th 2022

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