Happy Wheels Madness Reactivated on YouTube

The game Happy Wheels used to be super popular, and now the game is alive again thanks to YouTubers. Here's why.

By today’s standards, Happy Wheels is an ancient Web game. It was released in 2010, which was an era filled with simple Flash games that were swept to the wayside. Yet Happy Wheels is still popular. In fact, it’s played now more than ever, thanks to a recent surge in visibility on YouTube. Game-streaming celebrities, such as Kwebbelkop and Jelly are dedicating entire YouTube series to the seven-year-old Happy Wheels. There’s something special happening here, and it’s worth a closer look.

Summing up the Excitement
Happy Wheels is a terrifically violent game. It glamorizes over-the-top, cartoon bloodshed via ragdoll physics. If released on consoles, Happy Wheels would most certainly receive an M (Mature 17+) rating from the ESRB. This game isn’t on consoles though; it’s available to anyone with a computer or smartphone. As such, Happy Wheels has been played over 8 billion—yes, billion—times since its release. Players of all ages have enjoyed the arm-breaking, leg-chopping, explosive hilarity for free.

In 2010, Happy Wheels became an instant hit. It had a few unique, silly characters in its roster—a list which has grown significantly since then. Now, gamers can play as a brave moped rider, wacky pogo fanatic, or Santa Claus. Each character rides its own “vehicle,”  anything from a motorized lawnmower to a modified wheelchair.

Staying in the Limelight
No other Web games from 2010 remained a worldwide hit. Happy Wheels kept its top-tier status due to one key aspect: sharing user-created levels. A level editor isn’t a new concept; many games allow players to create their own worlds. Very few titles, besides Super Mario Maker, rely on this idea for core gameplay. In Happy Wheels, the best levels are those created by other players. The included editor features a vast, unparalleled set of tools and items for maximum creativity.

The level editor allows players to build, stack, and draw their own structures from scratch. There are also pre-made building blocks (logs, rails), hazards (guns, landmines), and boosters (cannons, jets). A quick glance at the available user-created levels reveals countless new types of challenges. There are Wild West cowboy adventures, ninja obstacle courses, and rope-swinging competitions.

Viewing and Learning on YouTube
The best YouTube gamers know how to capitalize fun. Many subscribers rely on their favorite channels to share the latest gaming trends. This year, Happy Wheels benefited greatly from this phenomenon. Kwebbelkop’s YouTube channel has an entire series on the game, showcasing the most exciting, tough, and grueling levels. Viewers can learn how to beat certain challenges and get entertained while failing others. Jelly’s YouTube channel features nearly 200 videos on Happy Wheels. With millions of views, these YouTube channels (and others) are maintaining and raising the game’s popularity.

The Happy Wheels game is available on Poki, and it includes many of the best user-created levels. The game’s active community contributes hundreds of new levels per day, so there’s always something new to try. Hop onto your vehicle of choice, and ride through the chaos in Happy Wheels!

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The game Happy Wheels used to be super popular, and now the game is alive again thanks to YouTubers. Here's why.
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Published Aug. 16th 2017

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