[UPDATE] How To Fix The Black Screen Bug; Xbox One To Update Later This Week, Then Fix Party Chat For Titanfall

Good news for Xbox One owners. Updates are coming in February and March to fix several issues.

Microsoft planned an update for today to fix various issues with the console. According to Larry Hyrb via Twitter, the update will now take place later this week. Also announced today is a pending update before Titanfall's release to address the social aspects of the Xbox One.

The changes being made later this week allow the player to know about the controller's battery life, support for USB keyboards, and an ability to manage your system storage. It will also have improvements to the Kinect voice commands. Per Larry Hyrb on Twitter:

"The February #XboxOne System Update will ship this week, but not today. The team is working on finalizing."

Shortly after news of the delayed update for February, Microsoft happily stated that the friends list and party chat will be fixed, too. According to Joystiq, Marc Whiten said:

"The improvements to multiplayer and parties are just a few of the features that will be included...and we'll continue to share more details in the days and weeks ahead, including in-depth videos so you're all ready to take advantage of the new features in March"

Why's this even news?

Since the launch of the Xbox One, the user base requested a hefty list of much-needed improvements. Among that list are the changes we're seeing both this week and in March before Titanfall releases. These updates are both from customer feedback and user interface data. Hopefully this is an indication Microsoft will start showing us how they're listening and put that info to good use.


Apparently the delayed update wasn't too effective. According to many, and this tweet, a "black screen bug" is a result of the latest update. According to Xbox's official twitter support handle, the solution for the problem is to "hold [the] power [button] for 10 seconds."


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Published Feb. 20th 2014

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