Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Pre-orders are low

It's not just a hate wagon with this game.

Things aren't looking to good for the next installment of the Call of Duty series. The trailer released last month is already the second most hated video on YouTube, with over 2,700,000 dislikes. Only Justin Bieber's music video "Baby" is more disliked. But some have dismissed the haters and said it's just a bandwagon, given how disliked the series has become over the years (just compare the user scores to the critic scores for Black Ops 3). However, the pre-order numbers indicate that this might not be the case for Infinite Warfare. 

According to VGchartz, pre-orders for Infinite Warfare are dramatically low when compared to last year's Black Ops 3. As seen in the screenshot above, Black Ops 3 was the highest pre-ordered game during the week of May 14th, 2015 -- with the Xbox One version sitting at over 400,000 copies pre-ordered, and the PS4 version sitting at over 280,000. Infinite Warfare, in comparison, is only sitting at 32,000 for the PS4 version and just over 30,000 for the Xbox One version. So things are not looking good, unless E3 can turn it around.

Infinite Warfare is set to be released this year on November 11th for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Editor's Note: After this article was published, a spokesperson from Activision reached out to us and clarified these figures, saying:

"These estimates are highly inaccurate and are not at all representative of actual retail data.  We’ve announced that pre-orders started strong, and continue to be very positive.  And we look forward to sharing new gameplay next week at E3."

Stay tuned for more info.


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Published Jun. 7th 2016

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