Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite -- Coming To A Console Near You

The next Marvel vs. Capcom game is officially announced and is packed with some surprises.

Today, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite was officially revealed. The title was featured during the 2016 PlayStation Experience held this weekend in Anaheim, California.

While the trailer didn't feature gameplay, it did reveal part of the upcoming game's cast of characters. Iron Man from the Avengers and Ryu from Street Fighter were, of course, recognizable as series stalwarts. But they were not alone. Mega Man X can be seen fighting alongside Ryu, confirming his entry as a new character, and opposite was Iron Man fighting along side Captain Marvel. The captain, Carol Danvers, has been part of Marvel comics since

The captain, Carol Danvers, has been part of Marvel comics since 1968, but has never appeared in a Marvel vs. Capcom game.

The latest entry in the beloved cross-over franchise, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite was not a revealed as a PlayStation exclusive. The game will be released across both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. More footage of the game will be revealed during the finals of Capcom Cup 2016.

Fans of fighting games can look forward to more Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite news soon.


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Published Dec. 3rd 2016

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