BlizzCon 2018: Overwatch's Next Hero Is An Old Friend? Of McCree's

Overwatch's new hero Ashe is a bad lady with a criminal past.

If there's on thing that really makes Blizzard's Overwatch the game it is, it's the  incredibily diverse collection of Heroes. Today, Blizzard announced the game's 29th Hero, a tough-as-nails thief and gangleader by the name of Ashe.

Elizabeth Caledonia "Calamity" Ashe is the leader of the notorious Deadlock Gang -- as well as an old associate of the BAMF himself, Jesse McCree. Despite her current occupation and appearance, Ashe grew up in a world of privlege as the daughter of business consultants. Even after running off to become a criminal, she still holds on to one part of her old life, B.O.B., the omnic butler.

Ashe is a damage dealing hero with impressive sharp-shooting skills. But she doesn't just rely on her gun. She can also call on B.O.B to help her out in battle. Unlike a lot of summoned allies, B.O.B almost functions as an addition team member. He can be healed, buffed, and debuffed. This makes Ashe and B.O.B a unique team.

An overview of Ashe's abilities is available in the video below.

If you'd like more information where Ashe comes from, Blizzard also dropped the origin story video from today's Overwatch panel on YouTube. It can be watched here.

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Published Nov. 2nd 2018

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