Pokken Tournament Guide: How to Unlock All Support Pokemon and Cheer Skills

Want to know how to get all the Support Pokemon and Cheer Skills in Pokken Tournament? Then, check out this guide!

Support Pokemon and Cheer Skills can play a big role in Pokken Tournament matches. You don't have access to many at the beginning, so you will want to play through the story to unlock them all.

I'll help by telling you when you get each support set, cheer skill, and what they do. For general help with the game, visit my Pokken Tournament Beginner Tips and Tricks.

This guide will go over how to unlock all the Support Pokemon and Cheer Skills in Pokken Tournament including:

  • Support Pokemon and Cheer Skill List - Each thing you unlock in the story and when you get it.
  • Support Pokemon and Cheer Skill Info - What each of these Pokemon and Skills do, as well as tips on which to use.

Support Pokemon and Cheer Skill List

I will list each one in this section and separate them by the leagues you must complete to unlock them. The leagues in order are: Green, Blue, Red, and Chroma.

Starting Support Pokemon and Cheer Skill
  • Emolga and Fennekin 
  • Snivy and Lapras 
  • Frogadier and Eevee
  • Standard Cheer Skill
Green League
  • Espeon and Umbreon - Win Green League Tournament
  • Cubone and Diglett - Win Green League Promotion Battle
  • Jirachi and Whimsicott - Win Green League Promotion Battle
  • Croagunk and Sylveon - Win Green League Promotion Battle
  • Synergy Focused Cheer Skill - Defeat Green League Tournament
  • Pressure Focused Cheer Skill - Defeat Green League Tournament
Blue League
  • Reshiram and Cresselia - Win Blue League Tournament
  • Pachirisu and Magicarp - Win Blue League Promotion Battle
  • Mismagius and Ninetales - Win Blue League Promotion Battle
  • Rotom and Togekiss - Win Blue League Promotion Battle
  • Support Focused Cheer Skill - Defeat Blue League Tournament
Red League
  • Magneton and Quagsire - Win Red League Tournament
  • Farfetch'd and Electrode - Win Red League Promotion Battle
  • Dragonite and Victini - Win Red League Promotion Battle
  • Special Support Skill - Defeat Red League Tournament
Chroma League
  • Yveltal and Latios - Defeat the Champion
  • Whimsical Cheer Skill - Defeat Chroma League Tournament

Support Pokemon and Cheer Skill Info

I'll list what each support does, their type, and what situations they are good for.

Emolga and Fennekin
  • Emolga (Attack/Status Effect) - Uses a long-distance Shock Wave that decreases Speed of opponents.
    • Effective against ranged and fast opponents.
    • Fast charge time
  • Fennekin (Disrupt) - Uses a multi-hit, dome-shaped Ember attack to push opponents back.
    • Great for keeping close-ranged opponents away from you, or making an escape.
    • Average charge time
Snivy and Lapras
  • Snivy (Attack) - Uses an anti-air Leaf Tornado attack.
    • Effective against opponents that jump a lot.
    • Fast charge time
  • Lapras (Attack) - Uses a wide Surf attack.
    • Good for blocking some long-ranged attacks.
    • Average charge time
Frogadier and Eevee
  • Frogadier (Attack) - Uses a long-range Water Pulse attack.
    • Great for attacking from long range or setting up combos.
    • Fast charge time
  • Eevee (Enhance) - Uses Helping Hand to temporarily boost your attack and recover a small amount of HP.
    • Great for buffing your character when you need a slight edge over your opponent.
    • Average charge time
Cubone and Diglett

Pokken Tournament Support Set

  • Cubone (Attack) - Uses a long-distance Bonemerang attack that hits once, then hits again on the way back.
    • Effective from long range, and pulling your opponent towards you.
    • Fast charge time
  • Diglett (Attack) - Uses a Dig attack that heads towards the opponent.
    • Good for stunning the opponent and setting up combos.
    • Fast charge time
Jirachi and Whimsicott
  • Jirachi (Enhance) - Uses Wish to temporarily enhance Synergy Burst and gives a medium increase to Synergy Gauge. 
    • Great for Pokemon that need a boost to their Synergy Gauge
    • Average charge time
  • Whimsicott (Enhance) - Uses Substitute to temporarily protect you from some long-distance attacks and recover a small amount of HP.
    • Effective against opponents that use a lot of ranged attacks.
    • Average charge time
Croagunk and Sylveon
  • Croagunk (Disrupt) - Uses Toxic in a wide area to decrease an opponent's Defense.
    • Effective against Pokemon that move a lot
    • Fast charge time
  • Sylveon (Enhance) - Uses Reflect to temporarily boost Defense and heal a small amount of HP.
    • Great when you need a small survival boost during the match.
    • Average charge time
Pachirisu and Magicarp
  • Pachirisu (Disrupt) - Uses Follow Me to stop some long-distance attacks.
    • Great for getting in close to opponents and against people that use a lot of long-distance attacks.
    • Slow charge time
  • Magicarp (Disrupt) - Uses Bounce to attack opponents when they hit you.
    • Great for interrupting combos and escaping.
    • Slow charge time
Mismagius and Ninetales
  • Mismagius (Attack) - Uses a slow moving Ominous Wind attack. Also increases your Attack.
    • Great for getting an attack off while boosting your damage.
    • Average charge time
  • Ninetales (Disrupt) - Places a Will-O-Wisp attack in front of you that damages and decreases the Attack of the opponent.
    • Great for keeping opponents away from you or punishing aggressive players.
    • Slow charge time
Rotom and Togekiss
  • Rotom (Disrupt) - Uses a homing attack on airborne opponents that decreases their speed.
    • Effective against opponents who jump a lot
    • Fast charge time
  • Togekiss (Enhance) - Uses Tailwind to temporarily boost speed and recover some HP.
    • Good when you need a little extra Speed as well as some healing.
    • Normal charge time 
Farfetch'd and Electrode
  • Farfetch'd (Attack) - Uses Fury Cutter to launch a flurry of attacks.
    • Good rushing an opponent
    • Average charge time
  • Electrode (Disrupt) - Uses Explosion to defend against an opponent's attack and counter it.
    • Great for attacking and defending at the same time.
    • Average charge time
Dragonite and Victini
  • Dragonite (Attack) - Uses Draco Meteor to attack multiple times in a wide area.
    • Good for creating an opening for your attacks.
    • Slow charge time
  • Victini (Enhance) - Uses V-create to temporarily cause all your attacks to be critical hit. Also recovers a small amount of HP and Synergy Gauge.
    • Great when you need critical hits either for damage or setting up combos
    • Slow charge time
Espeon and Umbreon
  • Espeon (Enhance) - Uses Morning Sun to remove negative statuses and recover HP. The less time remaining, the more HP you recover.
    • Great for healing towards the end of a round to give you the advantage.
    • Fast charge time
  • Umbreon (Disrupt) - Uses Snarl to launch an area attack that absorbs opponent's Synergy Gauge. Also, temporarily prevents the opponent from performing critical hits.
    • Effective at stopping opponents from finishing you off if they are close to Synergy Burst, or protecting yourself at low HP
    • Slow charge time
Reshiram and Cresselia
  • Reshiram (Attack) - Uses Blue Flare to attack in a straight line towards the opponent. Also decreases the opponent's Attack.
    • Effective at both dealing a lot of damage and pushing back.
    • Slow charge time
  • Cresselia (Enhance) - Uses Lunar Dance to heal negative statuses and recover a large amount of HP and Synergy Gauge. Can only be used once per round.
    • Great for turning the tide by giving you enough HP or filling up your Synergy Gauge enough for Synergy Burst.
    • Fast charge time
Magneton and Quagsire
  • Magneton (Attack) - Uses Tri Attack to launch a long-distance attack that travels diagonally upward.
    • Effective against opponents that attack in the air a lot.
    • Slow charge time
  • Quagsire (Attack) - Uses Mud Bomb to hit opponents on the ground.
    • Effective against opponents who stay on the ground a lot and does a lot of damage even if it is blocked.
    • Slow charge time
Yveltal and Latios
  • Yveltal (Attack) - Attack an area with Oblivion Wing that seals off an opponent's Synergy Burst.
    • Great for stopping an enemy when they are about to use Synergy Burst.
    • Slow charge time
  • Latios (Disrupt) - Uses Luster Purge to surround the enemy with beams of light. Decreases their Defense if they hit any of the beams.
    • Great for trapping and enemy to decrease their Defense, or just restrict their movement.
    • Average charge time.

Pokken Tournament Cheer Skills

Standard Cheer Skill
  • Active Round: From Second Round Onward
  • Synergy Gauge increases and both Support Gauges are maxed if you lose. Smaller boost if you win.
  • A balanced one good for every occasion.
Synergy Focused
  • Active Round: Every Round
  • Synergy Gauge increases each round regardless of whether you win or lose.
  • Good for getting an extra boost each round if needed.
Pressure Focused
  • Active Round: Final Round
  • Greatly increases Synergy Gauge for the final round regardless if you have just one or lost.
  • Great for Pokemon who take a long time to charge their Synergy Gauge.
Support Focused
  • Active Round: From Second Round Onward
  • Support Gauges increase to MAX regardless of whether you just won or lost.
  • Great for using support that takes a long time to charge.
  • Active Round: From Second Round Onward
  • Increases Synergy Gauge if you win and pushes support gauge to max if you lose.
  • Great for aggressive play styles and helping if you lose a round.
  • Active Round: Every Round
  • Cheer Effect will change every round.
  • Good if you want to be surprised or want to gamble at getting the right ones each round.

That's it for my guide on Support Pokemon and Cheer Skills in Pokken Tournament. Let me know if you have any questions!

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Published Mar. 21st 2016

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